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Blockchain Consultation

If you want know more about blockchain and get knowledge and advice regarding blockchain business decisions and development. we are here for you.

community management

Here at ICA, our primary focus is making sure your community stays healthy and engaged in conversation 24/7. This helps bring new customers or investors on board, increases customer satisfaction with your project, and also gives you the peace of mind knowing that customer’s questions are being answered.

content marketing

By communicating the information in the form of PR, Podcast, copy writing, video materials, and email marketing, highly-esteemed value will be brought to your users. The content is aimed at stimulating user’s engagement and interest in your products or services. By employing our content creation department, your business will acquire a spectrum of exceptional values.


Our team produces the right and interesting content for your target audience. We can help you to translate into Indonesian so that your project can be easily to understood

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Made-to-measure services

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Indonesia is a big market for cryptocurrency with over 10 million people interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, the uniqueness of the market makes it hard for any blockchain project to penetrate. Our team has over  five  years  of  experience in the blockchain ecosystem  in Global and Indonesia and has all the expertise needed to build and grow community for a blockchain project.




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